Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)

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Progress Group are currently involved in several Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) projects throughout the UK. Our most recent installations are based around groups of either 52 x 500kVA, or 8 x 1250kVA diesel powered generators. This gives each site the capability of delivering up to 20MW of power back into the National Grid for periods of up to 2 hours a day, and a maximum of 500 hours per year.

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) formally known as Standing Reserve, is an agreement the National Grid has in place with small scale energy providers to balance the supply and demand for electricity on short timescales that cannot be achieved using conventional large scale power sources.

STOR services are called upon if forecast demand differs from the actual demand, either due to unexpected consumer requirements or if existing energy production facilities are unable to meet the demand.

STOR projects usually consist of a large number of diesel or gas generators, which when called upon to start are contracted to be online within twenty minutes and stay on for up to two hours. The STOR provider is paid an annual fee plus fuel and operating costs.

As well as supplying and installing the generating sets, we have also installed bespoke acoustic solutions, loadsharing/synchronising controllers and complex fuel transfer systems on several STOR sites.

Find out more about our latest STOR project here or for more information on Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) please contact us on 0845 200 3810 or

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